February 4, 2012

I’ve Moved!

The Walrus and the Carpenter have gone back to Wonderland, and I’ve moved to a new online home. You’ll find all the old posts there, but the blog’s name and appearance have changed.

You’re all invited to stop by. So, please come on over. Clicking on the house will take you there, and once you arrive, please sign up to follow me, and bookmark the new site in your favorites.

I’ll see you there!

January 27, 2012

Little Free Libraries! What a Great Idea.

Oh, friends, I have the most wonderful idea to share with you this week—Little Free Libraries. Have you heard of them?

These are small, wooden mini-libraries, little “houses” that can be mounted on a fencepost anywhere! Take a book, leave a book. The possibilities are endless.

The idea of Little Free Libraries began with Wisconsinite Todd Bol. He teamed up with his friend, Rick Brooks, to form the non-profit group Little Free Libraries.

The concept is simple. You make or buy a Little Free Library and install it near your house or business. Stock it with books to share, and spread the word. Neighbors and friends are welcome to take a book and either return it or replace it with a different book. What a great way to promote reading and especially to provide books for the neighborhood kids.

Take a look at this video, and read more about it here.

Little Free Libraries are popping up everywhere, and you can have one, too. The Little Free Library web page has plans for building and links to where you can buy one. Be aware, though, that buying one can be pricey.

Are there any carpenters out there willing to barter with me? I’ll do some writing/editing work for you if you’ll build a Little Free Library for me. Can you tell that I REALLY want one?!

This week's question: If you had a Little Free Library, what would you do with it and which books would you put inside?

Listen to a free Podcast interview with Rick Brooks and Todd Bol on Wisconsin Public Radio's "Here on Earth" show. The show host, Jean Feraca is one of my favorites. Check out her other show topics in the "Here on Earth" archives.

And don't forget to "like" Little Free Library on Facebook.